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2018, Silkscreen and acrylic on plexi mirror, 8 x 8” each

Results of the Gap pays tribute to all the women of color that have lost their lives due to limited or denied access to health care.  The acrylic 8 x 8 in silkscreens are comprised of four skulls and references the equipment used at the gynecologist.  Each skull has a fist in one eye symbolizing our fight for access to basic human rights. This piece is a response to the women of color in our country – especially Texas, dying because of financial instability, stigmas surrounding reproductive health care, and poor understanding of their rights as humans, regardless of immigration or socioeconomic status. Access to affordable and safe health care is something we continue to fight for but must acknowledge all of those who came before us and are victims of these basic human rights violations.


2018 Dia de los Muertos, Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, Oklahoma City, OK; curator: Jennifer Scanlan

2019 Collective Glow (Pop-up), Brick at Blue Star, San Antonio, TX; organized by Clamp Light Artist Studio & Gallery


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